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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Football Manager 2013 crack Fix by Skidrow january 2013

Football Manager 2013 Crack by Skidrow is now available for download for free.
There are very few Football Manager 2013 Crack Skidrow working files on the internet and this is because of the constant updates and security measures undertaken by the game creators.

Also, since the game is new and crack coders are still trying to eradicate all coding errors and bugs from the Football Manager 2013 Skidrow Crack files and we are one of the few sources that maintains constantly updated and working downloadable files at all times. The Football Manager 2013 Crack Skidrow fixed files are 100% safe for download as they are scanned and proofed to be free of viruses and Trojans.


1. Unrar all files
2. Copy all files to your game directory
3. Before you launched game, turn off your Internet Connection!
4. You don't need to turn of your Internet Connection every time, just first time!
5. Done! Enjoy playing FM 2013!

Official Version of Football Manager  2013 Skidrow Crack

The Football Manager 2013 crack by Skidrow is actually a work in progres because of the regular updates maade by the game creators. However, users can expect to connect to the game servers for game play, inspite of the continous fixes made to the crack files. The users can also post their suggestions and report bugs that they found in FM 2013 crack Skidrow files and they will be rectified as soos as possible. Users are recommended to keep visiting the site to check for updated version of the FM 2013 crack by Skidrow.


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